Thank you for helping us! 

The data collection has now ended.

Hi! We're Alberto and Annamaya, and we need your help for our exam project 🥴

Please play the game embedded above in your browser. You'll be presented 4 variations of a replica of the game 'Color Switch', differing by orientation (vertical or horizontal) and control scheme (left mouse click vs spacebar).

It's very important that you play all 4 versions! It will take less than 10 minutes to finish the test. After you played, you'll be prompted to fill a short questionnaire. Please fill the questionnaire, otherwise we'll have to discard all of your playtest data anyway 😰 Also, DON'T change the field called 'PlaytestID', as we need it to anonimously track playetests.

Thank you for helping us with our exam! Cheers 💜

*NOTE: By playing the game we'll collect some data about your playtest through Google Forms. All data collected is anonimized and will be deleted after being used for our exam.