Magicard is a card game based on time pressure to challenge you to the extreme! Try out this new concept for an unexplored genre, the rules are simple and play sessions are super short!

How to Play

The goal of the game is simple: bring the three diamond indicators inside a colored safe area before the time for the turn runs out to deal damage to the enemy wizard! If you don't make it in time, though, you'll get 1 point of damage instead. Can you manage to beat all 3 bosses?

To play, just hover or tap on a card to preview the effect it would have when played. Then play the right cards as fast as you can, by just dragging them up! If you feel like nothing in your hand works, use your Wizard Power once per turn to mulligan your hand and have a fresh start. That's all, try Magicard now!

Note: best played with sound on!

Developed by:

Alberto Giudice

Tibor Fekete


Download 225 MB
magicard-alpha2.apk 55 MB

Install instructions

Just open the .exe file for Windows, or install the APK file in Android. As simple as that!

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